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     The 1st All-Russia art competition "Lipton Gallery" was carried out in our country from the 15th of April till the 15th of June of 1999. It was organized by the "Lipton" company at a support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Russian Academy of Arts.
    The idea of the advertising project "Lipton Gallery" was taken as a principle of that competition. Six works had been created for that project. That six works were made in a manner of the famous masters of painting (Kazimir Malevich, Vinsent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Salvatore Dali, Al Licitsky and Georges Seurat) and contained the image of trade mark Lipton Yellow Label.
    The work Lipton-Radova created by Radova-club members (Blinova L., Blinov A., Briljakova R., Kostireva I., Nikulina A. and Perova O.) had taken the 2nd place in a competition for adults.
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