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Irina Masalova
    I was born in 1951 at Ural. I have high education . I graduated from the Far-East Technical Institute of the fish industry. I'm an engineer-ichthyologist.
    My hobby during ten years and for life is a wonderful world of patchwork! My motto : HARMONY.
    Embroider, sewing, knitting are my favorite from my earliest years. I remember my childhood, a big wooden house near the river where my grandmother Praskovia Ryabinina lived. She plaited variegated patches, then sewed these plaits together row by row and got bright beautiful ladles. They were like flowers in the field! My relatives live all over the country, from Sevastopol to Kamchatka (I wish they could read this text) , and everyone have my grandmother's ladles!
    I live in the wonderful world of patch creation for many years.
    In my favorite club "Radova" , which member I have been already for 10 years, every craftswoman has her own point of view, preference and method. You see, opportunity of patchwork is nearly infinite! There are clothes, panels, fabric pictures, design of interior
    I like to create an atmosphere of cordiality and comfort at home by patchwork, that is harmony. I often notice that time goes very quickly. The Saturday has just passed, and it's the Saturday again! I have no time to be ill and to sit in queues in polyclinics. So I've chosen the healthy way of life long time ago. I mean hardening, morning exercises, swimming, eating less and moving more. And the least but not last is to be in the good mood, to have only good thoughts! The spirit is the first, and the body goes after. I don't want to sit on the bench near the porch and to chat with neighbors about illnesses. There is lot of interesting things besides this. You can and should develop yourself in any ages. I've drawn a conclusion that you should improve yourself constantly to be requisite, to find the job you like and to become a professional. So you should be healthy, clever, you should create and have a lot of friends! New knowledge is necessary. Things we used to study have become obsolete or need enrichment. You aren't getting old when you're studying something.
    And it's moreover true for patchwork. My helpers are new clever books and magazines dedicated patchwork, textile and design. Different courses, masterclasses and constant studying open new horizons in my life.
    I travel a lot and I'm very interested in patchwork and quiltmaking of other nations, and in their fabric as well. But communication with people who love patchwork as much as I do is the most costly for me. I'm happy that patchwork union spread all over the world. This union provides us an opportunity of taking part in different exhibitions and festivals, of meeting with craftsmen who can teach me. All this gives me strength, ability to trust myself and inspiration to create new works.
    But among all my journeys the most interesting is creation. I'd like to explain this: I can stand myself and change in the same time, changing different styles, schools and methods for my works! And this is the greatest joy in my life.
    I intent on my work and my creative projects. I evolve myself, do my favorite job, feel myself perfect and I'm very happy!
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