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Nina Nazarova
      Hello! I have taken a fancy to quilting in 1997 when my friends invited me to the patchwork’s classes. Now I can’t imagine my life without it.
     It is very interesting and exciting occupation, and the work with fabrics, embroidery and beads provides unlimited opportunities to creation.
    I like different techniques of quilting, so my works are so different: they are traditional quilts and contemporary panels; “crazy patchwork” and unusual for us techniques such as “chenille” and “sashiko”.
    I’d like to show a movement in fabric. So, quilts “Waltz”, “Five corners”, “Butterflies”, “Autumn round dance”, “My Wonderful dream” were created. And sometimes flowers growing in the country, dandelions or whimsically curved garlic’s stalks look like they were created specially for quilt: “A flower-bed”, “Dandelions”, “Summer chime” and others.
    The “chenille” provides an opportunity to represent the beauty and mood of nature, and shades of colors: see “The autumn nocturne”, “Awaking of spring”, “The Rains in Saint-Petersburg”.
    As for traditional patchwork I love “Log Cabin” bloc most of all.
    Some time ago I thought that a quilt is ready when I quilted it. But after a festival in the town La Bourboule (France) I wanted trying to combine traditional patchwork and an art decoration. In my panel “The Motley glade” which I’ve made for the festival in Yasnaya Polyana, “log cabin” blocs form bright flowers on the green background of the grass. I’ve embroidered flowers by DMC threads and added beads, to accentuate a connection between fragments of the quilt and flowers. And butterflies made as appliqué work are flying nearer to flowers, sitting on them and flying away.
    One of my favorite quilts “Bonsai” is made in traditional Japanese technique “Sashiko”. This method requires attention and much time, but the result is very showy.
    During all these years I was happy to take part in a lot of exhibitions and in several festivals as well. Participation in festivals in Russia and abroad helps me to see and to learn lots of new things and to meet new good friends!
    I advise to all women who love creation to try them self in quilting. This occupation will probably become their favorite for all their life!
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