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Elena Varovina
     Education: I graduated from the Leningrad Polytechnical  Institute as engineer-metallographer.
     I have been indulging in quiltmaking since 1996. I attended the course of a  teacher Mazurik T. in the Palace of Culture named after Lensovet.
    How it all began.  Once a day Tatyana Mazuric (in a youth we studied in the same group in the institute) came to me home with a pile of variegated pieces of fabric. She spread them quickly out in a certain order on a bed and asked me to assemble an ornament.
    It was rather frightening to start this work work for the first time, but it was very interesting at the same time. I wondered what I would get if I tried. Gradually sewing bright patches together and watching how my work evolved row by row I felt myself interested.
    Amazingly, I assembled the ornament rather quickly. Then Tatiana completed the work, and I got a cozy blanket.
    Then there were the courses, independent projects, participation in exhibitions, trips and interesting meetings.
    Now I make quilts in my spare time with great pleasure. I like embroidering and crocheting as well.
    I also like reading books, making myself comfortable on the sofa, and I have many books at home. My other favorite occupations are receiving guests, baking pastry and driving a car. I like music, flowers and travels.
    I've always admired with women who manage to create wonderful works in spite of all their household chores. They put a piece of their soul in every work, and it becomes unique and pretty in its own way!
    I have been a member  of Radova club since 2001. About a year ago I had an idea to create our club's web site to show what our craftsmen can do. So now I try to combine my main job and my household chores with quilt making and maintaining a web site. Recently I've been spending most of my evenings at a computer.
    I hope this site will be colourful and comfortable to read. I hope every visitor can find here something new and interesting.
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