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    On the eve of 300-years anniversary of St.-Petersburg  club "Radova" has presented city the work devoted to Petersburg cats.
    As we know from history, cats were absolutely necessary essences in a court yard. In 1745 Russian Empress Elizaveta Petrovna had ordered to deliver 30 the most big and good cats "convenient to mice catching" from Kazan to St.-Petersburg to a court yard of Her Empress Majesty.
    And now about 60 "court" cats live in the Winter Palace defending it and Hermitage treasures from rodents. According to an evidance of a museum stuff cats are friendly, neat and carry out their duties quite honestly.
    Blockade of Leningrad. There were no cats in the city by spring of 1942. And one more trouble come to the city in addition to numerous disasters of blockade: rats.
    In April 1943 after the Break of Blockade 4 vans with smoky cats had been brought from Yaroslavl region to Leningrad. Cats were let out in places with the gratest number of rats. And rats disappeared in a short time.
    Our work "Petersburg cats" is a quilt monument to all the cats of Petersburg.
    Club has got a  diploma of the festival laureate for the work  "Petersburg cats" at the  4th All-Russian festival "Quilt mosaic of Russia" in Ivanovo in 2003.

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Petersburg cats
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